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Alfred Leung's Invitation to You

Alfred Leung’s Invitation to You for Conversation and Reflection:

Wonder how we make important decisions?

As we travel through life’s journey, we are often faced with making important decisions that have or would have irrevocably changed the course of events. If you look back at some important decisions that you have made, have you ever wondered: “How did I come to that decision?”

We would hardly find a single formula of success in decision-making or it would have been a ‘piece of cake.’ Economic preferences, lifestyle choices, cultural significance, religious belief and personal faith commitment are just a few aspects impacting our decision-making process, thrown into a melting pot, churned around in our brain for some time before coming to a conclusion.

Do you know that there is a set of Core Values that we treasure deep down inside our being, that are often guiding us to make important decisions along our life journey?

Would you like to explore your Core Value journey with me? Just contact me by email here. Or you can dig deeper by exploring how our Resilient Leadership Program is embracing Core Values as the 2nd Key of Kindness.

Till next time, peace and blessings be with you,

Alfred Leung
Mentor: Resilient Leadership Program.
Fellow traveller on the Core Values journey.
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