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Alfred Leung is the lead mentor of our Core Values module. His Resilient Leadership™ focus is Knowing Your Core Values: our 2nd Key of Kindness™.

Meet Alfred here, where he shares his Resilient Leadership™ Journey in his story and video.

He has extensive experience in a wide range of leadership roles in both commercial and public sectors. Whilst technically focussing on accounting, information technology and business management, he is strongly committed to supporting his peers to realise their full potential. The human side of an organisation has always been Alfred’s keen interest since university days.

Now based in Perth, Australia, over the last 10-15 years, Alfred has been concentrating on the human factor in change management — exploring the leadership role and styles which contribute to successful change managements as well as the change management process itself. Surviving from lymphoma since 2001 was a significant experience that strengthened Alfred’s resolve to focus on making a contribution to the holistic wellbeing of organisations, their people and improving their overall effectiveness in a sustainable way.

Alfred’s personal commitment to open and sustainable leadership is underpinned by his strong Christian based core values. Growing up in the busy cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong with a Chinese heritage, Alfred has many opportunities to explore the connectivity of various cultural and religious core values which have universal and common appeal to the human spirit.

B. Com, University of Western Australia
P. Grad. Dip. in Bus. (with Distinction) Curtin University of Technology

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Photo by Rob Campbell.