The 7 Keys of Kindness

The 7 Keys of Kindness are the centre of the Resilient Leadership Community and Program. Each key is nurtured by one or more of our mentors.

We have a specific definition for our culture of kindness which you will find here.

1st Key: Inquiring from a Place of Not Knowing.
Acting Mentor: Wendy Campbell.

2nd Key: Knowing Your Core Values.
Mentor: Alfred Leung.

3rd Key: Knowing Your Core Purpose.
Mentor: Tertta Paananen.

4th Key: Understanding and Appreciating Difference.
Mentor: Jo McNeilly.

5th Key: Social Value Innovation.
Mentor: George Eapen.

6th Key: Leading through Engaging with New Ways of Thinking and Doing.
Mentor: Sally Paulin.

7th Key: Making Friends with Your Time.
Mentor: Wendy Campbell.