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What is Adaptable Resilience?

Adaptable Resilience is:

The courage to bounce back from the shock of a changed environment, and look at your current situation with honest eyes.

The humility to work alongside your people or colleagues to co-create your shared purpose — the best way forward for everyone concerned, including for your natural environment.

The grounding in good, solid core values that keeps all your decision-making honest and kind.

The focus of a purpose that includes all your people or colleagues as well as your wider world.

Wendy Campbell has spent many years researching adaptable resilience. She has summarised her findings into this paper, where she explains the true value of this resilience.

Guiding your resilience in tough times is the purpose of our Resilient Leadership™ Mentors amongst our Resilient Leadership™ Community.

If you would like to reflect more on ‘resilience’, you might enjoy Wendy’s blogs — On Being Resilient and Resilience – the Still Point.

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