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The 7 Keys of Kindness Journey

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The 7 Keys of Kindness™ Journey is the heart of our Resilient Leadership™ Community.

1st Key of Kindness™: Inquiring from a Place of Not Knowing.
Key Mentor: Wendy Campbell.

2nd Key of Kindness™: Knowing Your Core Values.
Key Mentor: Alfred Leung.

3rd Key of Kindness™: Knowing Your Core Purpose.
Key Mentor: Tertta Paananen.

4th Key of Kindness™: Understanding and Appreciating Difference.
Key Mentor: Tertta Paananen.

5th Key of Kindness™: Co-Creating Social Innovation.
Key Mentor: Sally Paulin.

6th Key of Kindness™: Co-Creating Your Future.
Key Mentor: Sally Paulin.

7th Key of Kindness™: Making Friends with Your Time.
Key Mentor: Wendy Campbell.

Our core reference book — Resilient Leadership™ PRIMER: the 7 Keys of Kindness™ — is a reflective and practical story for our times. Exclusively available to our Resilient Leadership™ Community Members, it is stocked by the Glastonbury Bookshop from August 2020.

The Resilient Leadership™ Community has been kindly sponsored by The Glastonbury Company since 2000. Click here to enjoy this inspiring creation story.

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