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Catlyne Hos is one of the past mentors of our Paths to Identity module. Her Resilient Leadership™ focus was Finding Your Core Purpose: our 3rd Key of Kindness™.

Based in Albany, Australia, she uses a range of general consulting and facilitation skills as well as specialist professional skills as an Organisational Psychologist. She seeks to understand the complex inter-relationships that occur within the work context, in order to improve organisational effectiveness and individual wellbeing.

Catlyne has a focus on working co-creatively with her clients to support all aspects of their people management processes to create a sustainable organisation that attracts and retains high performing people. Catlyne loves developing interventions for improving working relationships among people in teams or groups within organisations. Her particular satisfaction is working with the Paths to Identity process, and she is constantly delighted with the richness and value it adds to strategic and conceptual processes in organisations. Working to bring clarity to the unfolding Resilient Leadership™ Framework with Wendy has been a wonderful example of the power of this process for obtaining powerful insights.

Catlyne lives in Albany, Western Australia, where she balances caring for her elderly mother with her consulting and community work as well as nurturing her family and personal relationships. When possible, she escapes to the joy of being with her 2 grandsons, who provide the perfect counterbalance to working with the elderly.

Qualifications and experience:
M. Psych. (Organisational), Curtin University of Technology
Grad. Dip. Psych. (Organisational), WA Inst. of Technology
B. Psych. University of Western Australia

Practitioner’s Certificate in Mediation & Conciliation (IAMA)
Leadership in Oceania, Mira Companions, NZ
Stellar®, Integrated Marketing and strategic Planning meta-process, Germany
Negotiation for Cooperation, UK
Conflict Resolution, Finland

Principal, Wiseways Consulting since 1998
Registered Specialist Organisational Psychologist (WA 1399)
Member of Australian Psychological Society No 105240
Member of Association for Social Development, (International)
Accredited as Conciliation & Review Officer, Office of the Public Standards Commissioner (WA)
Facilitator for Stellar® Strategic Value Planning, a corporate and team alignment process.

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