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Wendy Campbell is the lead mentor of our Appreciative Inquiry and Time Leadership™ modules. Her Resilient Leadership™ focus is Inquiring from a Place of Not Knowing and Making Friends with Your Time: our 1st and 7th Keys of Kindness™.

Meet Wendy here, where she shares her Resilient Leadership™ Journey in her story.

Based in Perth, Australia, she is committed to support groups and organisations whose visions and practices are grounded in social responsibility and sustainability; in other words, in kindness. She achieves this through working as a resilience story scribe, writer, resilience mentor, and publisher.

While all her paid and community work incorporates her unique style of creative rigour, through The Glastonbury Company she is grateful for the opportunity to found the Resilient Leadership™ Community, and to be part of its continued co-creation alongside her fellow mentors. Together they have co-created the Resilient Leadership™ Dialogues to support leaders in times of chaotic change.

Deeply committed to the Western Australian community in which she lives, Wendy has been involved with community organisations since the age of 16. Currently she is an active member the Rotary Club of Perth) and an early adopter of Conscious Capitalism.

She has been married to Rob, doctor and fellow adventurer, for over 50 years. They have three adult children, three adult children-in-law and two delightful grand-children. When not doing her work which she loves, she enjoys reading, being outside, and spending time with family and friends.

Qualifications and experience:
B.Sc. (University of Western Australia 1975).
Post Grad. Dip. (Curtin University of Technology 1987).
Extensive Director’s Education (Australian Institute of Company Directors 1996 to 2002).
Certificate in Creative Writing (The Drouart Creative Writing Academy 2001).
Certificate in Group Leadership (The Wasley Institute 2000-2009).

Managing Director of the Campbell Family Group of organisations since 1988, including The Glastonbury Company which she founded in 1989.
Almoner, Rotary Club of Perth.
Early Adopter, Conscious Capitalism.

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Web: www.glastonbury.com.au.