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David Shaked's Invitation

David Shaked’s Invitation to You for Conversation and Reflection:

About the power of generative inquiry

When facing a new situation or challenge in our lives so many of us fall into the trap of worry, fear or despair. We immediately can list reasons for why we’re stuck, what we are concerned about, how difficult this challenge is, what might go wrong etc. etc.

Another path, less commonly trodden, is to ask ourselves: What do I already know that could be useful? In what ways am I already making progress (and how was I able to do so?) what is available to me? What helped me overcome challenges before? Who do I know that can help?

This line of different inquiry can reveal many resources we have at our disposal that wouldn’t otherwise come to light.

What would your next generative question be?

David Shaked
Mentor: Resilient Leadership Program.
Fellow traveller on the journey of Inquiring from a Place of Not Knowing
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