exploring our Keys of Kindness together


Thought-provoking and highly valued.

-- Stella

Very worthwhile.

-- Tom

Positive honest approach to self awareness and supportive developmental coaching.

-- Marlene

A new positive way of thinking.

-- Sue

The space that was created was a great gift.

-- Bruce

This is really important work.

-- Margaret

A thought-provoking start to a longer journey.

-- Hamish

Wow, the mentors are just magnificent people! I have not come across their calibre close up very much at all.

-- Carla

A great perspective on leadership.

-- Ned

Thank you for the workshop. You’ve helped me realise more things that I never thought about☺

-- May Lin

I like the practical application of each approach and its alignment with the other leadership concepts in the framework.

-- Theresa

I imbibed precious emotional education from each mentor of the Resilient Leadership Program. I had grown during that year as in no other. The Resilience Program has taught me to be kind to myself in all circumstances, and this is of lasting value. It is the kindness that I have experienced from so many but especially from Wendy Campbell, that has provided me with the fertile ground for growth.

-- Carla