You, the Wonder of One: Your Resilient Leadership Challenge

There is something in our world that calls you — a difference that only you can make. This Challenge guides you on your journey to answer this call, by exploring the wonder of your potential.

Only you, the Wonder of One.

During this journey you will call on your own Resilient Leadership. Learning to call on this inner strength is why our Resilient Leadership Framework has been co-created, with our heartfelt kindness.

Your Resilient Leadership Challenge takes you through the journey arc that guides all our stories, real and imagined. It begins here, in the present…

How to begin Your Resilient Leadership Challenge?

What is the purpose or intention that inspires and challenges you right now, and needs your open heart — your Why?
Your journey towards this purpose or intention moves through five phases of the journey arc — listed below — as you realise your full potential to make a difference. To find out where your journey sits in this arc:

Your Resilient Leadership Challenge Journey

1. An initial phase when you are in some way held back from moving towards your purpose or intention. You sense a gap in your usual method of achieving goals, which is holding you back from this one. Searching to bridge this gap leads you into a journey to realise your own potential as a resilient leader of change.

2. A phase of opening into your journey to realise this potential. You think you can achieve this alone.

3. A more severe state of being held back, as your self-limiting beliefs and habits (such as giving your power to others) threaten to undermine your journey. You become more aware of their power to derail your journey, if you allow them to. And you discover one or more companions – a person, a book or other new knowledge or technique – to support your journey.

4. A phase where, although your self-limiting beliefs and other habits are still dominant, you have realised some of your power as a resilient leader of change. This becomes a challenging struggle, when conflict between your power as a resilient leader of change and your self-limiting beliefs and habits is at its most extreme. Here, as your goal calls, you face the greatest risk of not achieving your purpose or intention as a resilient leader of change. Your companion(s) is your greatest ally.

5. The last phase is a time of opening out into your full purpose or intention — your Why. You have let go your self-limiting beliefs and habits to become the truly resilient leader of the change that you have been seeking; their grip is finally broken. Your heart has fully opened now to your purpose and intention. You have bridged the gap to achieve a rich and fulfilling daily life, as the resilient leader whom you must be for your purpose or intention to succeed.


If you ever become disillusioned during your journey, wondering how you can make a difference when so much needs to be done, Jonathan Franzen has an achievable suggestion for you:

Keep trying to save what you love specifically—a community, an institution, a wild place, a species that’s in trouble—and take heart in your small successes.


Please click here to contact me, Wendy Campbell. My fellow mentors and I look forward to co-creating your Wonder of One journey towards your purpose or intention alongside you.


©2018 Wendy Campbell
This Challenge has been adapted by Wendy Campbell from the book The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories. Wendy extends her deepest thanks to the author of the book, Christopher Booker.