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Sue White is one of the past mentors of our Type module. Her Resilient Leadership™ focus was Understanding and Appreciating Difference: our 4th Key of Kindness™

Based in Melbourne, Australia, she was trained initially as a secondary school teacher and sees her working life in two main parts. The first part was as a teacher of history, politics and social studies in a government school with disadvantaged migrant children. She was passionate about the role social justice plays in creating a fairer society and really enjoyed teaching. She is based in Melbourne, Australia.

At the age of 40 she left school and began the second part of her career, this time working with adults; people in all kinds of workplaces and industries helping them to make sense of change in the workplace. She discovered that her empathic listening skills combined with some practical skills in conflict resolution made her a popular and sought after facilitator of groups and leadership programmes.

Sue now focuses mainly on coaching for leaders who know they must introduce and manage change and with individuals in career transition.

Qualifications and experience:
Bachelor of Arts, Monash University.
Bachelor of Education, Monash University.
Master of Education, (research thesis) Monash University.
Graduate Certificate of Work Education from Deakin University.
Sue is accredited to use a number of instruments including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator for Steps I, II &III (the only person to hold Step III license in Australia).
She has trained with the Australian Institute of Socio-Analysis.
She has been a member of the Australian Human Resources Institute since 1996.
Sue became a full member of the World Association of Business Coaches based in Canada in 2013.
Sue has worked with organisations, senior executives, business units, teams and individuals as they have made sense of workplace changes and their dynamics. Some of the organisations she has worked in are Amcor, ANZ, BHP Billiton, Robert Bosch Australia, General Motors Holden, Northern Health in Victoria and Great Southern Health in WA, World Vision (Australia & International), Frontline, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Minter Ellison Lawyers, University of Melbourne, Melbourne Business School and Villa Maria.

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