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Jo McNeilly’s Invitation

Jo McNeilly’s Invitation to You for Conversation and Workshop:

Build Your Confidence and Create a New Future:
Springboard Women’s Career and Personal Development Program

We resolve 3 common issues for women:
1. An underlying feeling of knowing that their capabilities have outgrown their confidence;
2. A lack of clarity of which direction they want to go in;
3. Frustration that they keep working harder and yet don’t make the progress they want.

They feel stuck. We provide the skills, knowledge and tools for women to take their lives to the next level.

The role of women in our business and communities has never been more important. We are on a mission to provide Australian women with the tools and support their need to achieve their goals. We want to empower them to help others to achieve the same.

We leave our clients feeling like they finally have both the career and life they want. They value themselves and feel excited about the contribution they bring to others.
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Jo McNeilly
Mentor: Resilient Leadership Program.
Fellow traveller on the journey of Understanding and Appreciating Difference.
Contact: email.
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